Building and investing in the winners of tomorrow

As growth specialists, we excel at turning innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

About us

We are a venture firm based in Copenhagen that focuses on investing in early-stage startups. As growth specialists, we excel at turning innovative ideas into thriving businesses.
We don’t settle for survival. Our focus is on strategic growth, market domination, and delivering exceptional returns to investors.
With a team that has occupied leadership roles in startups, we bring extensive firsthand experience to the table.
We are deeply rooted in sales and marketing, addressing the critical challenges that often hinder startups' growth, ensuring they thrive.
We go beyond capital injection to actively engage as partners in the growth of the startups we support.
Our commitment is to help startups surpass their targets consistently, resulting in minimized risks and maximized ROI.
From strategy sessions to playing a direct role as a CFO advisor and shaping tailored sales strategies, we are deeply involved.


Empathy from

Our journey includes multiple successful exits, demonstrating our ability to guide companies from their startup phase to substantial growth.
We’ve weathered the challenges of this transformation numerous times and can help our portfolio companies do the same.

Data Driven

We leverage the power of data analytics to gain actionable insights into market trends and customer behaviours.
By closely monitoring market dynamics and using cutting-edge technologies, we maximize sales and marketing effectiveness.

Sales and
Marketing DNA

Our commitment to sales and marketing isn’t just a strategy; it’s deeply ingrained in our identity as an organization.
Our specialized expertise in sales and marketing sets us apart.

Investment Criteria

Values We Look Out For

Great companies prioritize understanding and catering to customer needs and desires. This customer-centric approach is at the core of our values.
Successful startups are trend followers, meaning they stay attuned to current market trends and leverage them to their advantage. This adaptability keeps our companies on the cutting edge.
Our startups are well-prepared for PR and marketing initiatives. This readiness ensures they can efficiently expand their customer base and reach.
Upholding rigorous standards and adhering to a strong moral code are fundamental qualities we seek. Integrity and ethical behavior are non-negotiable.

Where We Invest

Meet the Founder

Claus T Hansen

A highly experienced entrepreneur and executive, who specializes in managing and expanding digital start-ups.
Dedicated to cultivating a performance-focused culture, leading through example and exhibiting a discerning eye for talent.
Core values and DNA are sales and marketing, commercial excellence and a huge passion for helping start-ups grow

The Team

Louisa Bojesen

Executive Board Member

Moojan Ashghari

Executive Board Member

Martin Basse

COO & Partner